• The Mould
    ( Depending on the movement, the watch-style, the straps and the gender. )
  • The Sapphire Glass
    ( All our watches come with Sapphire Glass, flat, domed or double domed. )
  • The Movement
    ( Quartz or Mechanical, Automatic or Manual, Swiss or Japanese -- You decide. )
  • Pour Homme or pour Femme?
    ( From 20mm to 45mm, round or rectangular -- we help you to design the perfect watch. )
  • The Dial
    ( You decide the color, we will then submit some design studies with different features and appropriate hands. )
  • What about the date?
    ( Do you need the date showing on the watch? At 9 o'clock or at 3 o'clock? )
  • Additional Seconds
    ( Does your watch require additional seconds, a micro-chronometer or other features? )
  • Or a Skeleton?
    ( So-called skeleton watches allow you to look through and through. The dial and the movement allow your gaze to travel through your watch and to see behind the time… )
  • Genuine Leather
    ( All colors and all styles are available. )
  • Special Leather
    ( Croco, Strauss, Kangaroo -- sometimes the special watch lives on a special strap. )
  • NATO Straps
    ( More and more modern watch collections are delivered with fabric-straps, so-called NATO straps. The times are a-changing... )
  • Wooden Straps
    ( Rosewood, blackwood, sandalwood, teakwood -- whatever your watch collection needs. )
  • Clientele
    ( What will be the best product for your customers? How many different models need to be in your collection? )
  • Gender and Colors
    ( Rose gold & Night-Blue or Steel & White? 36mm or 40mm? We help you to design the different models for men and women. )
  • What kind of Movement?
    ( From Japanese Quartz to Swiss Skeleton. Depending on the kind of watch, your customers and your pricing, we will provide the right movement for your timepieces. )
  • Do you have a logo?
    ( Our designers are happy to create the right logo for your collection--starting by figuring out the right brand name. )
    ( SWISS MADE is still the most precious attribute to a luxury watch. Our timepieces comply to the legal requirements - guaranteed! )
  • Your Dream Watch
    ( Tell us about her, the watch of your dreams. We will find the right approach to create a watch that will be yours alone - forever! )
  • Uniqueness guaranteed
    ( Your watch will show as much individuality as you do--nobody else will ever have the same timepiece, nowhere. )
  • Special Features
    ( We can provide and modify any mechanical movement and your personal timepiece will show any feature that is feasible. )
  • Turn the time around
    ( You're looking for a watch that makes you feel younger by turning the hands the other way round? Ask us, we’ve got what you're looking for. )