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What Are Bail Bonds?

A bail bond, or a cash bond as it is sometimes called, is a surety bond. It is a written insurance posted by the defendant themselves, or by somebody else on behalf of the defendant, like a bail bonds agent.

Why Need Bail Bonds?

When someone is accused of a crime and taken to the jail, they will have to remain there before they are presented to the court for the hearing. But what if the person needs to leave in a state of urgency? Occasionally, there are cases where the accused is most needed out of the jail than inside it. What if the person has been wrongly accused and wants to get out of the jail immediately to appoint himself an appropriate lawyer?

Well, this is where the bail bonds come in! The bond is a legal agreement that puts down certain amount of money as an assurance on behalf of a person who is being bailed out of the custody. This bond assures that the accused will not run away and will attend all his/her trails at the court. If the said person fails to make an appearance, the bond is nullified. In that case, a warrant is issued and the person is arrested. Individuals, who fancy their chances at a trail, often opt for a bail bond. These are an effective way to buy some time out of the jail. They can help the accused to better prepare themselves for the trail.

To Bail Or Not To Bail

But how does one decide whether to contact a bail bonds person or not? Is it even worth taking that extra trouble of getting in touch with a bail bonds person? Well, as it so happens, the chances of getting a bail depends on one major factor, the severity of the crime.

The more grotesque and severe the crime done by the individual is, the harder it is to get the bail. Alternatively, the lighter the weight of the crime, the quicker and easier it will be. One can thus be easily out on bail for breaking stuff while being drunk. On the other hand, getting a bail when an individual is suspected of a murder is not easy. Suffice to say, the keyword here is ‘easy’ and not impossible. If one has the money, the bail can be placed for a large sum and the person vindicated can be bought time out of the jail temporarily before the actual hearing.


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