Feffetstrasse 14, 9464 Rüthi, Switzerland
09:30 am - 17:00 pm
+41 76 723 7148

Our team of 'Createurs d'Horlogerie' invents, designs and produces timepieces.
Together with you, we develop the right concept for your dream watch or your planned collection of watches. We take over the responsibility during the complete development and production phase, up to the day of delivery. For us, it is a matter of honor to keep something in the foreground of which the big brands sometimes lose sight: YOU!

WelcomeTo Bernecker Uhren Werke - Createurs d'Horlogerie

More than a job, a passion.
The passion grows with time, time is the engine that is expressed through our sensitivity to make us live and move forward. Time passes, and so do its highlights. But the path that we follow is continuous. Passion is our guide and leads us, this is its real role over time.

Our Passion

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Quality
  • The Mould
    ( Depending on the movement, the watch-style, the straps and the gender. )
  • The Sapphire Glass
    ( All our watches come with Sapphire Glass, flat, domed or double domed. )
  • The Movement
    ( Quartz or Mechanical, Automatic or Manual, Swiss or Japanese -- You decide. )
  • Pour Homme or pour Femme?
    ( From 20mm to 45mm, round or rectangular -- we help you to design the perfect watch. )
  • The Dial
    ( You decide the color, we will then submit some design studies with different features and appropriate hands. )
  • What about the date?
    ( Do you need the date showing on the watch? At 9 o'clock or at 3 o'clock? )
  • Additional Seconds
    ( Does your watch require additional seconds, a micro-chronometer or other features? )
  • Or a Skeleton?
    ( So-called skeleton watches allow you to look through and through. The dial and the movement allow your gaze to travel through your watch and to see behind the time… )
  • Genuine Leather
    ( All colors and all styles are available. )
  • Special Leather
    ( Croco, Strauss, Kangaroo -- sometimes the special watch lives on a special strap. )
  • NATO Straps
    ( More and more modern watch collections are delivered with fabric-straps, so-called NATO straps. The times are a-changing... )
  • Wooden Straps
    ( Rosewood, blackwood, sandalwood, teakwood -- whatever your watch collection needs. )
  • Clientele
    ( What will be the best product for your customers? How many different models need to be in your collection? )
  • Gender and Colors
    ( Rose gold & Night-Blue or Steel & White? 36mm or 40mm? We help you to design the different models for men and women. )
  • What kind of Movement?
    ( From Japanese Quartz to Swiss Skeleton. Depending on the kind of watch, your customers and your pricing, we will provide the right movement for your timepieces. )
  • Do you have a logo?
    ( Our designers are happy to create the right logo for your collection--starting by figuring out the right brand name. )
    ( SWISS MADE i still the most precious attribute to a luxury watch. Our timepieces comply to the legal requirements - guaranteed! )
  • Your Dream Watch
    ( Tell us about her, the watch of your dreams. We will find the right approach to create a watch that will be yours alone - forever! )
  • Uniqueness guaranteed
    ( Your watch will show as much individuality as you do--nobody else will ever have the same timepiece, nowhere. )
  • Special Features
    ( We can provide and modify any mechanical movement and your personal timepiece will show any feature that is feasible. )
  • Turn the time around
    ( You're looking for a watch that makes you feel younger by turning the hands the other way round? Ask us, we’ve got what you're looking for. )

Our Gallery