About Us

Who We Are

As members of our team, you can find representatives of the most popular design styles on a worldwide scale. Whether you want a regular or exotic design for your collection or your unique timepiece, don't hesitate to leaf through our gallery, call us or pay us a visit and order what you like. We use the best suppliers, thus making our watches suitable for people who value state of the art design and quality. Are you a customer with special needs and ideas? Then, you must pay a visit to our team and order your ‘bespoke’ timepiece.

The CollectionsWe are Proud of

This year our Team has been chosen to realize two collections of young and modern timepieces for Giacomo Cortes. We are extremely happy and proud about this recognition granted by the Giacomo Cortes marketing experts.

Such a prestigious assignment widens our list of references that we've earned over the last years.

Best TimepiecesFrom our chief designer

"The work is always in full swing in our lab! Everyone here is on fire when it comes to the design and functionality of a special watch. The best team you may imagine is gathered here together to create something really special to impress you deeply.

The latest in design, the best suppliers for hardware, and fresh ideas, this is the formula of our success."